Mod Pack Blightfall Install fails

  • I’m attempting to install a modpack called Blightfall.

    The URL to the server is:

    Any help would be appreciated, I’m sure that I’m just not getting something. I can run this server fine manually, is it possible to copy over my existing server and choose the jar? I’ve tried this on custom modpack which gives an api error and then spigot/bukkit which crashes the server.

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    I’m assuming this modpack needs the Forge install first?

  • Admittedly, I don’t actually know. I’ve poked around and it’s not obvious to me that this uses forge. I’m sure that you’d know, but how can I identify that dependency for my own understanding? From what I gather Forge is a different type of server similar to Vanilla. However, I’m guessing that it’s not currently supported? If there is a way to make it work please give me some guidance, I’d love to use this. I used SpaceBukkit for a very long time and I loved it, I was glad to see this finally make it to a Beta. I have no problem running this server on my own with an init script, but my actual knowledge of modding is limited. It’s something that I’ve recently started to get into though. I’m a software engineer by trade. I’ve got this running on a Type 0 BMS incase anyone cares it is an incredible server for the money. :)

  • This post is deleted!

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    I have logged this issue with download on our bug list.

    However in the mean time @borinal you can setup the server as minecraft vanilla,

    Once this is done, open up the terminal on your server and run cd {HOUSTONJSLOCATION}/servers/{YOURSERVERNAME}
    then run rm -r ./* which will remove all the vanilla configs and folders.

    Next up is getting the modpack, so what we are going to do is:
    or your current premade server (zip up your old one and upload it to the directory we are in)

    then we want to unzip the contents here:

    Now we have all the file we need to run the server so now we will go to the control panel and hit Server Settings > GAME & MOD > Blightfall.jar

    Restart the minecraft server with the panel and hey presto we have liftoff :D

    Hope this helps :D

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