Error java, not found

  • I have installed 64-bit java, and I get the following error, it seems that it does not find it, look in the config of spaceCP but I do not find anything from java, ah yes, I use the free version, although I’m thinking of getting the gold version

    2017-02-08T15:19:19.969Z - info: asalto-de-craftia: Start aborted due to error.
    2017-02-08T15:19:25.386Z - warn: asalto-de-craftia: Couldn’t find the java executable named ‘java’. Are you sure it’s installed?

  • administrators

    First off, we’re not selling the bigger versions just yet.

    Secondly, what operating system are you using?

  • Windonws 2008 in VPS, Where is the file that allows me to tell where the java is installed? Is as simple as putting a “W” me to passed with other control panels and was solved so easy, only it seems that does not detect where your control panel is, at least in my VPS

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